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Rotary Beading is a versatile form of end forming that can be used in a variety of industrial applications. For example, beaded joints can be used for O-rings or they can be used to connect hoses to a tube ends. In addition a beaded end can be used to interconnect exhaust tubes or low pressure fuel lines.

Beads can also be used to dampen vibration in solid lines or to increase the effectiveness of the seal when a rubber or fabric sleeve is clamped to a metal duct. Typical applications include low pressure air, exhaust, and liquid systems in automotive, appliance, and boating industries. Rotary beads are formed following the specifications detailed in MS-33660.

Compression Beading is used in different applications than a rotary bead and does not keep as tight of a tolerance. Compression beads typically act as a stop or as a means of containing another part within an area on the tube. This type of beading process is created by compressing two sides of the tube together by forcing the two tube ends towards one another. The trick is to leave a small gap open in-between a clamp that holds one end and a tube forming die that supports the other end. As the two tools hit their end point, the tube collapses at the gap creating the bead.

You can alter the width of the bead slightly by setting the distance of compression. Typical applications for this type of bead include, athletic equipment, lawn and garden, and personal sporting goods equipment.

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